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Lincoln, MA

The design of the new 12,600 square foot public library addition replaces an obsolete 1950’s international style addition. In contrast, the new addition intentionally draws from and compliments the original 1883 Queen Anne style building; celebrating the exuberance masonry detailing and reveling in the rich decorative patterns. The new addition is broken down into smaller volumes as opposed to being one large mass, which helps to reinforce the residential character of this rural New England Town Center.

The new addition house includes 2 cathedral-ceiling reading rooms for children and pre-school, a new reference room, two new circulation desks and 2 stories of underground stacks. Renovations of the 3,500 square foot original library yielded a community room, a young adults’ and periodical reading rooms, and a new art gallery. For this project, James Cullion was Associate in Charge and Project Architect at Graham Gund Architects.