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Providence, RI

Providence River Animal Hospital is an adaptive-reuse of a 3000 SF jewelry manufacturing plant which was comprised of 2 - 1 story buildings joined together in the 1960’s.

The overall plan of the new hospital is clean, efficient, and establishes the clear public/private boundaries and the functional adjacencies that help foster good medicine and good client and patient care. Special attention was given to the client/patient reception and waiting area, selecting highly durable materials t that are non-institutional in appearance to create an environment that feels warm, welcoming and tasteful. 

The main entrance of the building was relocated to the west side, to allow for Handicapped access directly off the 18 -space parking lot. The window was expanded to bring in more light and make the views more appealing. Glass openings into all of the major spaces; surgery, ICU, and the cat and the dog ward, make it easier to monitor patient conditions and for staff to solicit help when needed. Colors and finishes are both pleasing to the staff and easy to clean.