Gloucester, MA

Since it’s founding in 1873, the Cape Ann Historical Society has been dedicated to the preservation and protection of its historic port community’s cultural heritage. The existing museum, which already filled the downtown site, needed additional space to house its 20th Century Collection. James Cullion Architects and the Museum Board decided to build on top of the existing 2 story flat roofed building that contains an auditorium on the lower level and a decorative arts gallery.

This 3rd level gallery is conveniently located off the existing main circulation spine, off of which all other galleries can be accessed.
The new square-plan gallery has a painted wood planked ceiling, supported by two large wooden laminated arched trusses, recalling the structural members used in the construction of wooden hulled ships. These trusses span the room diagonally intersecting at the mid-point some 24’ above the floor allowing for a column free gallery.

The space is ideal for the grand scale of 20th century painting and sculpture. The 6’ diameter round window provides indirect north light as well as view and orientation to the outdoors. The gallery is a fresh and welcome addition to the city streetscape and roofscape.

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