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Copley Square, Boston, MA

This very small, but highly visible, urban kiosk has become an icon for the city of Boston and an important resource to the 110 non-profit arts organizations it represents.

The design, intentionally theatrical, finds it’s roots in Parisian park pavilions and kiosks. Imaginative details are taken from some of Boston’s most important buildings that surround this little building; the lantern of Old South Church, the ornate cast iron in-bound MBTA pavilion and the patterning of H.H. Richardson’s Trinity Church.

The kiosk has two ticket windows that are handicapped accessible and sell same day and advance tickets to local shows, often at half price. 5 of the 10 sides of this mahogany, glass, and copper building are used to advertise the shows. The building is a testimony to the talent of America’s finest craftsmen. For this project, James Cullion was Associate in Charge and Project Architect at Graham Gund Architects.