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Visual Arts Center, Lawrenceville, NJ

The Art Department at the Lawrenceville School had long been scattered, relegated to basement rooms and other periphery spaces. The adaptive reuse of the 1931 John Dixon Library, by Delano and Aldrich and its 1960 stack wing along with this handsome new addition are now home to the school’s first Visual Arts Center.

The new building facility is situated at the seam between the school’s two architectural vernaculars; the classical that is reflected in the original Delano and Aldrich building, and the romantic evident the Peabody and Stern buildings that surround the Frederick Law Olmsted designed “Circle”. The new building skillfully helps to define the edges and celebrate the transition between the two.

The shapes and forms of the new addition thoughtfully take their cues in shape and material from the original classical building. The 1960’s stack wing, which houses 2 story drawing studios, becomes the link between the two and helps to define the sculpture garden courtyard between the old and new. For this project, James Cullion was Associate in Charge and Project Architect at Graham Gund Architects.