South Hadley, MA

All Saints Episcopal Church built a new facility in South Hadley MA, a small New England college town. It is situated one block from the village center and Mount Holyoke College.

The design of the new facility respects and reflects the residential scale and character of this town while resolving the complex circulation requirements of building entry and liturgical procession in the Episcopal tradition.

The tripartite pavilion scheme is organized around a central courtyard, which breaks down the mass of the building into residentially scaled volumes and preserves the sense of alternating spaces on South Hadley's Main Street.

The sanctuary is designed to allow light to enter the church from all four sides, and the congregation can use both the central and side aisles during Communion to help facilitate traffic flow.

The parish hall is conveniently located across the courtyard on the same level as the sanctuary, which facilitates easy access to less formal community gatherings.