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Boston, Massachusetts

"The spaces are tired and the existing master bathroom is a disaster. I never spend time in the most beautiful rooms in my house (the front and rear parlors) because my kitchen and dining room are on the wrong floor. This makes it is difficult to be with my guests when I am entertaining! I love my house and my neighborhood and I don't want to move. Let's change everything around."

This bold, concise, well articulated statement of challenges and goals outlined by our client clearly established the tone and direction for the renovation of his South End townhouse that is situated on one of the city's most beautiful residential squares.

As with all architecture of historic significance, the greatest challenge is the thoughtful integration of the new with the old; be it new systems (heating, air conditioning, electrical, data and plumbing) or the dramatic shift in use of a historic space. This carefully planned and executed renovation has provided the owner with a beautiful new kitchen in his Victorian rear parlor, 3 new bedrooms with ensuite baths, a private study and most importantly a layout that supports his lifestyle.