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Cambridge, MA

The existing galley kitchen in this exclusive Cambridge neighborhood was no longer adequate for this active socially prominent and growing family. Additionally, the first floor master bedroom, immediately below a deck off of the second story kitchen, was dark and closed off from the lovely side garden that featured a beautiful silver bell tree.

The new design for this expanded kitchen is built on top of the existing outdoor second floor deck. The kitchen has high wood beamed ceilings and it’s spectacular array of windows surrounding three sides of the room flood the space with light. Visitors often recall the magic and childhood joy of being perched in a tree house. The room is exquisitely detailed and crafted from the finest materials.

The new master bedroom space, with its large string of wrap around casement windows, transforms the once dull uninteresting space that takes full advantage of the lovely side garden. For this project, James Cullion was Associate in Charge and Project Architect at Graham Gund Architects.