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Harvard, MA

Stables, farms and apple orchards are the inspiration for this beautiful new country house in rural Harvard MA. The house is romantic and unpretentious. It is constructed of stained wood cedar shingles and it’s walls, gables and turrets are decorated with colorful wood trim boards that are reminiscent of the “Arts and Craft” period. It sits like a haystack on a field and celebrates the unspoiled pasture like setting.

The plan of the house is configured to take full advantage of the outdoors. The rooms, with the exception of the master bedroom above the garage, are located on the first floor and organized around a central granite paved courtyard that is actively used in all four seasons. It has a water fountain, 2 seasonal planting beds and serves as distinct counterpoint to the less refined world outside.

Interior spaces recapitulate the arts and crafts motif used on the exterior. Many of the spaces have cathedral type ceilings with dormers that help to air-condition the spaces naturally. For this project, James Cullion was Associate in Charge and Project Architect at Graham Gund Architects.